Notebook environment for both interactive data analysis and batch data processing

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Overview of SoS Notebook


Our documentation is hosted on our live server and can be edited directly. If you spot an error or feel like contributing to the document, please

  1. Click the     button to the top right corner of each tutorial
  2. Execute the notebook and edit it on our live server
  3. Enter !create-pr <Shift-Enter> in the console panel to send us a PR


Jupyter notebook to demonstrate features of SoS


Please cite the following publication if you use SoS Notebook for your work:

SoS Notebook: An Interactive Multi-Language Data Analysis Environment Bo Peng, Gao Wang, Jun Ma, Man Chong Leong, Chris Wakefield, James Melott, Yulun Chiu, Di Du, and John N. Weinstein, Bioinformatics, May 2018. doi: